What We Do

Fully integrated logistics provider based in Port Klang with a combined skill-set ranging from ocean & air inbound and outbound logistics to warehouse, distribution and supply chain management.

Why the Logo

Lion, the symbol of wisdom, strength and courage are the fundamentals of our company to interpret our business of logistics across worldwide in order to facilitate the growth of our customers. The logo in blue representing our worldwide networks across oceans and continents to provide best international logistics and freight solutions for you.


With our passionate formed strategic alliance networks providing best logistics solutions and the courage to explore logistics business to meet the 21st century requirements, the Lion's roar is not only heard for miles. Together, we let the world to hear the Lion roars ferociously and beyond seven seas.

Sea Freight

Sea freight is the most cost saving method to transport your cargo to all over the world to satisfy requests, stock and preparation needs for your business.

Air Freight

Shipping cargo freight via air reduces the time involved in the supply chain and is beneficial for quick inventory control and fast delivery times.

Multimodal Transportation

Whether you need to move goods from small item to oversized cargo by LTL, trucking, container haulage, flatbed or rail, we've a dependable solution for you.

Warehouse & Distribution

We offer warehousing to both bonded and custom cleared products, available to cater for all your storage and subsequent distribution needs.

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